African Prints - Why shop at ALLEON?

ALLEON is fashion label providing African prints that tells stories about heritage, sense of belonging, and place. African prints fashion communicates more than socio-economic standing as it was historically.

Industrially produced, all our african print products including african print dresses, african print skirts, african print blazers, african print tops, african print shoes and african print bags feature colorful 100% cotton fabrics enhanced with vibrant patterns and are produced in africa.

Since 2018 ALLEON is providing a unique & self made african print fabric for the products you will never see anywhere else. The current African print fabric in use has the amazing feature that it can be combined with many other fabrics in your ensembles. 

From special events to daily dress, ALLEON brings African attire fashion products to life by providing a wide range of African clothing with sophisticated ways to style each of these African print inspired fashion products.

African dresses in African prints create a powerful fashion statement while allowing the wearer to remain modest. These African dresses ensembles can be dressed up with heels and jewelry for a night out in the city or paired with flip-flops for the beach.

If you are looking to stand out of the crowd and be unique, pairing a beautiful african print with denim for a youthful casual outfit might be a good idea and the ensemble is just enough that you can rock it at less formal places, such as nightclubs, theaters, and restaurants. African print blazers also offer dressy styling for both men and women. They look great with slacks, skirts, or jeans depending on the event.

Finally, African print skirts are great to be paired with a simple white t-shirt or tank. Get sporty and pair them with your favorite athletic team’s jersey. That's awesome.

Evoke these elements by incorporating African prints fashion into your wardrobe. From African print blazers blazers to african dresses, sophisticated pieces can be dressed up or down for a variety of occasions. Shop at ALLEON and start creating outstanding, unieque, colorful, heritage-based ensembles.