The #ALNID Collection 2018

Hello to our lovely and great customers! We want to thank you so much for giving us valuable feedback that will help us to grow as a business. Based on your insights and feedback in the last years, we took our time to renew our concept  in order to bring you more value and meet your needs. Keep reading to see what we're changing starting from September this year!

We built a “unique design identity"

Insights in discussions & feedback sessions have shown that "unique design" is key you as customers, more than anything else does. Therefore, we create our own exclusive African print in two colors, which are only available at ALLEON. The print is on a 100% premium cotton fabric. The value we are adding with our own print is that you got an exclusive and unique fabric design, which can combined with all colors of clothing in your wardrobe. Inspired by the beauty of the "Desert Rose" plant, our new created exclusive fabric puts a spin on today's favorite jackets dresses & skirts.

We create “diversity” in our collection

The current collection offers all types of outfits. Either for casual, work wear and for any other occasion, we have the piece in our collection. Our collection is on a trend and provides a very good comfort to you as we use a lot of stretch especially on the hips and stomach. Further, we combined our print outfits with uni coloured stretch material, including elastin, to assure a big wearing comfort. For each body type, we have the right dress.

Our sizes are “consistent” across garments

We realise that sizing is extremely important to our customers. All patterns have been officially updated to ensure there is consistency across all our designs. This means that if you are an EU size 38, and you order 3 different size EU dresses from our website, all three dresses will fit you perfectly!  

“Free shipping and exchanges” for Europe and US

We want you to receive your order as quickly and simply as possible. As such, shipping will be free to Europe & US. We will also offer reduced shipping fees to customers ordering from Africa and Asia. Free shipping applies to our new arrivals available from August 2018. In addition, we will not be charging a handling fee if you decide to return your order for a refund. We will also be offering free exchanges (store credit), which will allow you to repurchase an item without having to pay an additional shipping fee.

“Prices are going to change”

The improvements, quality wise and diversity wise, to our business leads to the fact that we must alter our price list to ensure we are still making a profit. Our new price list reflects the fact that all of our garments are professionally produced in the right quality and size with premium African print quality fabric. In addition, it reflects every worker involved in the production process is paid a fair wage, and many of our customers will enjoy free shipping. Rest assured the website is updated to ensure your checkout process is as smooth as possible.

Since we started in May 2013, we have established a loyal following of customers. We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for all your support!


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