African Fashion Print Trends

Patterns make a strong statement, so if you were wondering how to wear prints stylishly this season, we’ve done your homework for you. It’s all about the head to toe look right now. 

If you want to wear different printed pieces, just keep some form of continuity going, for example by choosing prints in the same sort of color.

African Prints

African Prints are the new trend in the past yearsand is fascinating everyone! From Beyonce, through Rihanna to other well known celebraties such as Pharell Williams. African print dresses, trousers, shoes, bags are a sure-fire way of making a statement, especially for people having their roots on the african continent.

Animal Prints

Animal Prints are one of those things that always come back, regardless of your or anybody else’s opinion about them! Personally, this is one of my favourite prints. Animal print dresses, trousers, shoes, bags are a sure-fire way of making a statement.

Geometric Prints 

Feeling obtuse about this trend? There are different types of geo prints, for example: square, octagon, rectangle, triangle, circle, hexagon, heptagon, pentagon, and so on. If you want to put a little geometry into your wardrobe, consider a standout piece like a dress, top or trousers. These pieces are sure to last for years to come.

Abstract Prints

Abstract tops, skirts or leggings are some kind of pieces that can be paired with something that’s more basic in order to stifle the competition between the two. You should let the abstract stands on it own. In abstract printed clothing, the shapes, colors and textures will divert from what we normally perceive to be the usual imagery of existing worldly objects.

Floral Prints

If you are a true fashionista, I’m sure you already have a few floral pieces. This summer 2013 has seen floral print become one of the key dominating trends. It’s up to you with how floral you want to go! You can choose from bright feminine floral prints to the bolder floral prints. There’s a floral print to suit everyone, you can try printed pants, dresses, skirts, and everything else you can put a flower on. So if you want to be bang on trend this season then go invest in your floral print!

Conversational Prints

Conversational prints are all about using that element of surprise, for example you can have food, animals, old-school stamps, birds etc. For example, if you are wearing animal prints it shows the whole animal, and not just its skin. You can always just put a bird on it, but cartoons characters are pretty cute too!  Keep it interesting and think outside the box. Otherwise, your prints are not worth the conversation!

A little advice:

If you want to mix your prints, try to limit the number of different prints, for example a maximum of two different prints should be more than enough for an outfit.

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